I’ve always been overweight as long as I can remember. Now I’ve reached 44 sizes from 54 sizes. My journey of change is continuing, I will share with you the last image of me when I reach 36 sizes.

I was dieting, losing weight, then gaining weight again. One day while surfing the internet, I watched the videos of Deniz Egece. He was telling something about weight loss. It drew my attention and I started listening.


I started listening every day. Then I saw the book “Last Word in Weight Loss”. I just ordered. I had the book in two days. I was glad that “I’m going to lose weight by reading a book.” I started reading the book immediately. I read it in 20 days and I lost 8,8 lbs. My son had an accident, I took a break in reading because I had to take care of him. In April 2016, I was on social media, I became interested again while I was reading the writings of Deniz Teacher.

“But I don’t give up this time,” I said to myself, “If so many people have done, I will do it, too,” I said. For a while I watched the videos of my Deniz Teacher.  Then I took the conscience coding device, started listening. After a while I began to change.

I had an aggressive character previously, it is over now. My eating regime has changed. I was a keen person. I always thought I gained the weight due to eating.  That is banned, this is banned, I used to put bans on myself, I was angry with everything, now there is no trace of them.

When I realized my change in me, I continued to listen to the videos of Deniz teacher every day. I was also writing to Deniz teacher, he was answering me. With my questions, I was a person who was preparing to enter the accomplisher queue. Now I’m telling everyone around me Deniz teacher. I’m telling that weight is due to the wrong thoughts I thought right in the subconscious. People thought I was nuts, but I wasn’t listening to them. I was listening to the sound inside me. I was someone who didn’t want to move Now I can’t stand.  I was having problems with my spouse, I was always seeing her guilty, I was always looking at the minuses, I was never thinking of any pluses.

I took out negative people around me, and I realized that I did not spend time on my body and myself. I don’t know how much I missed being alone with myself. I’m not listening to outside sounds from my surroundings anymore. I have lived through years of hating my mother. Thanks to Deniz teacher, I have no hatred. I freed them all one by one.

 I’ve lived with the wrong information which I know right. I’ve had a lot of diseases, it’s all gone. As if I had a sack of rotten potato in my back. It’s all over now I look at everyone with love. “Good people, bad people,” I was distinguishing. Now my thoughts have changed. I say, “There are people who think differently.” Well, I’m glad I’ve met Deniz Egece teacher. So glad I have you. I’m glad I am a part of Egece Family. I’m grateful for your presence. I keep my ideal body trip.I’m close to my target. When I reach 36 sizes, I will share my latest images with you…

Thank you for reading my message, I wanted to share it for another person’s life to change and benefit.