Hello !

I endlessly thank God every day for knowing you. First your book, then your listening device, then your videos and finally your camp gave me the opportunity to rediscover myself. In about 6 months, I fell from 44 size to 38.

Now, I am almost 36 size. I change from day to day both mentally and physically with the Thought Breaks I lastly learned from you.I’ve been a manager for 10 years. Now I’m a stronger manager. I have become a person who builds constructive relationships with people, has a high self-esteem, knows what she wants, expresses what she wants without getting nervous, and gets satisfaction with every moment of life. The Thought Breaks, which I regularly do every day, both physically and mentally transform me into what I want to be.

Yet there are a lot of good possibilities that I might encounter during the day. But I have not seen these possibilities so far because of the negative, stereotypical teachings in my subconscious. I am very happy to gain this awareness. I am getting free every day by day. As I get rid of the burdens of the past, I am relieving, and creating a new future. So glad I have you my Deniz Teacher.

First I met your book at November 12, 2016. I say 12 November is the milestone for me.

I send my love and gratitude.

NOTE: It has been corrected and published without any change in its meaning.