I felt the need to write the results I have obtained in my period of chance for the benefit of others, and decided to share it with you.


When I first started, I weighed 326 lbs and in the first stage, I got weakened to 242 lbs. My dream was to go down to double digits. Then I went down 218 lbs, I lost 108 lbs in total, my change is continuing…

After reading the book “The Last Word in Weight Loss”, I realized that it was stupid to carry my weight everywhere for years. I have lived as a diabetic for many years… I lived in Antalya and Ankara and because of my profession, I am recognized by many people in both cities. They are shocked when they notice my change…

After reading the book ” The Last Word in Weight Loss”, I understood and decided to lose weight. But I hated to move, to do extra sports. I was working very hard all day, getting tired. After that it seemed deathlike to me to play sports. At a younger age, I would do a lot of sports, as my age increased, my private life, living conditions and the active tempo of the business life caused me to leave sports. 

I bought the conscience coding device, and while I was listening, my attention and love for my body increased. Then I started to walk wantingly and lovingly. My ideas for nutrition began to change. Many of my beliefs that I believe to be true have been destroyed, they began to change to more realistic beliefs. In a sense, I began to change what I believed by facing myself. This briefly caused to change my behavior and habits.    

But my weight-loss process did not proceed as fast as I wanted. I decided to get online education. In the trainings I made with the teachers, I realized where I made a mistake and what to do more accurately, and then I lost 38 kilos in a short time. Of course, since I lost weight very quickly, I lost and gained 3-5 kilos from time to time.

In online education, I realized that this training was not just about weight loss. In this training, weight loss was a small part, and these trainings were concerning my entire body and life. Moreover, I noticed that this was an issue concerning my work, my family and my children. Therefore, I decided that it was right to participate in the camps of Deniz Egece and receive one-to-one education.

I’ve been on diabetes for many years and I’ve been on insulin and medicine. I joined the camp in summer. I had a chance to spend some one-to-one time with my teacher in the camp and get answers to my questions. I learned the applications of the thought break.

After learning the thought break, everything started to be different. I’ve had the whole process of exploring my life and my body and waking up, in short, I found myself in thought breaks. I’ve discovered how I’ve filled my brain with wrong information and turned my brain into a trash bin for years.