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The “Azerbaijan Best Awards 2019” awards organized in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, were given to their owners.

Thousands of guests from the most well-known sports, arts, science and business world of Azerbaijan participated in the organization held at Boulevard Hotel on February 3, 2020. The candidates reflecting their most important works in their fields throughout Azerbaijan in 2019 competed with each other.

Faiq Ağayev, one of the famous artists of the night.

During the 8-hour event, nearly 100 people in science, art, sports and businessmen received the best awards of 2019 for their success.

Deniz Egece’s statement to the press on an important night: “Thank you very much for myself and my discipline for receiving this award. I have received many awards before. It made me proud to receive an award from a foreign country outside of my own country. “

Murat Şahverdiyev, CEO of Neuroscience Academy, one of the famous names of the night.