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The Last Word in Weight Loss

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It is the first book in the world in the field of fatness and obesity which includes scientific studies with “SUBCONSCIOUS” and provides a permanent solution.

  • Other books tell us which foods are going to make people lose weight. However, what eliminates fat is not the food, it is movement. The problem and solution are in the subconscious that imposes resistance on the movement!
  • The subconscious performs 98% of the behaviors going to be done at the moment, with habits and believes which it brought from the past. 
  • Overweight is caused by the imbalance of the nutrition and movement information in the subconscious.
  • Slimming is a different situation, to live a life in the ideal body permanently is a different situation.

If you are tired of boring exercise routine, diet list has no taste and pressured by nutritional system this book is for you. This book does not contain any nutritional plans, medication, diet, difficult exercise routine.  The impact of the book: it will help you change your subconscious mind knowledge about your needs of nutrition. This will allow your body only to eat the nutrition you need and let go the excess body weight by increasing level of physical activity as a result the body reach its healthy form.

If you want to lose your extra weight permanently, you will need to distinguish the information that is causing you gaining this extra weight and counteract this information with the correct ones. You will need to change your daily habits. 100% permanent weight loss solution is possible with changing your subconscious beliefs and by changing your daily habits.

This is a neuro weight loss book translated seven different languages and available in 50 countries. This book is the best seller in Europe. The author is Neuro Linguistic Specialist  Deniz Egece. “The last word in weight loss “  is available in America now.

I have low desire to lose weight. I lose my focus and motivation too quickly. I gain weight because of my genetics. My metabolism is slow. I can not stop myself eating sweets. I love fast food. My heavy weight is due to my sickness. I lose weight and gain back.

All these excuses you have about weight loss will be answered in this book.

“Last Word in Weight Loss “ by Deniz Egece

  • You lose weight as long as you’re on a diet! You will get more when you quit.
  • Unsuccessful diets make weight obsession over time. 
  • There are people living in the world without eating, how do they live? 
  • There is no healthy or unhealthy food, there is amount.
  • If there is no ideal body model in consciousness, weight loss can never be performed permanently.
  • No drugs, herbs or pills eliminate the fat! The fat is only eliminated by the heat.
  • What are the perceptions and beliefs of people drinking and eating everything without weight gain in their lifetime?


• It neutralizes beliefs, feelings and habits about excess amounts of meals that cause unnecessary intake of foods.

• Balances the amount of meals by reducing the amount needed by the body.

• Eliminates unnecessary amounts of food intake by neutralizing the associated emotional bonds towards nutrition.

• It neutralizes the emotional relationship and addiction to food.

• Eliminates the food and nutritional obsession associated with weight.

• It neutralizes beliefs, emotions and habits that increase the amount of inactivity.

• It causes an increase in the amount and variety of physical movement in daily life.

• It provides positive information about movement and exercise to be converted into belief, thus it causes more energy consumption.

• It increases the amount of metabolism strength and speed.

• Turns information about the body into positive beliefs. It brings awareness of the messages coming from the body, the order of priority of the body, the positive approach and the habit of allocating more time.

• It neutralizes the basic environmental belief and parental teachings that cause weight gain between the ages of 0 and 12.

• It teaches how to target the subconscious mind to design the ideal body.

• Increases willpower, focus and motivation in the slimming process.

• It causes consciousness that responds to the problems that will arise during the change in the slimming process.

• It neutralizes the fears that arise in the slimming process.

• Eliminates excuses and delays, causing action for the slimming process.

• It neutralizes the weight obsession generally associated with weight.


Of course, the pages of the book do not make you lose weight. The information in the book causes the your subconscious to change information that was causing you to gain weight. The book contains content that explains what beliefs cause weight gain, what beliefs will help you lose weight, and how information that causes permanent weight loss can be converted into belief.

It contains information that explains how to mislead false information that is believed to be true, how to neutralize the believed perception in the subconscious, and to transform the beliefs to lose weight quickly and healthily, and then to transform your belief in the ideal body.

It will provide an in-depth knowledge for continuity of the slimming process without giving up, trigger excuses and delays, take action, love energy consumption, strengthen will and focus, self-motivation, ineffectiveness of resistance and obstacles, solution-oriented perspective to problems that arise in the slimming process, knowledge of permanent weight loss and strong beliefs that cause it to occur.

It also includes techniques and methods for how the potential strength of the brain can transform the body shape into the desired shape by affecting the body, and to change daily behavior and habits.

The book causes the scientific knowledge to turn into beliefs and thus changes the daily behavior and habits permanently.


In other methods applied, since none of diet, prohibition, sports, medication, cream, pills, powder, surgery, alternative plants do not change subconscious habits, behaviors and beliefs, we gain weight again.

When the prohibitions, diets and sports, which are performed with will, are stopped, the subconscious enables the old information it knows and causes weight gain.    

To gain or lose weight is not about having the willpower! It is about the teachings in the subconscious. Subconscious is millions of times stronger than consciousness with willpower, and 98% of behaviors are controlled involuntarily. As weight is gained over time and lost over time, when the power of the subconscious is used, permanence arises.


  • Analyzes nutritional dependence and emotional hunger.
  • Breaks the subconscious resistance that causes inactivity.
  • Changes the teachings which are taught by the social environment in the age of 0-12 years, and which cause weight gain.
  • It has an effect on consuming food at a sufficient amount.
  • It positively affects the increase of the daily movements in work and private life and acceleration of the metabolism.
  • It causes unwillingly performed movements and exercises, to be performed involuntarily and lovingly.
  • The consciousness and the body make peace, the relationship becomes stronger, the priority of the body and the perception of value increase.
  • The desired ideal body target becomes clearer, and becomes stronger in the subconscious.
  • Provides the right focusing and motivation during the weight loss process.
  • Provides resource support in the process of the change journey.  


  • It should not be read as a novel, but as a textbook.
  • When you read in different time periods, you will see that you understand differently and that you read a different book.
  • After reading the book in general, it should be read again and again in different months and years.
  • If you tell your friends what you have read, you will be able to provide recycling, making the information stronger in the subconscious.
  • Mark the parts that are meaningful in the book with a pencil.
  • Tell yourself what you have marked across the mirror.

Record what you’ve marked as audio or video on your mobile phone, watch or listen to over and over in your free time.


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