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He was a fabricator and a businessman until he was thirty-five. One day he decided to quit his work, hit out for discovering himself completely, and devoted himself to science and research.

He received special trainings in the field of Neuroscience in various universities and academies in the Far East, Europe and America. Some of these are, Yoga Teraphy, Contemplation, Pilates, NLP, Hypnosis, Auto-hypnosis, Nutrition disorders, Quantum physics, Photographic memory, Cognitive therapy, Ayurvedic, Reiki, Feng shui, Bioenergy and Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics and Mentalism. Lastly, he received training on subliminal sound and light technology that influences the subconscious, at Harvard University NYFA.

In the meantime, he lost 40 kg and got rid of many of his addictions. By developing the “permanent weight loss method”, he developed his a method on how to lose weight subconsciously and his own method on “self-treatment”. He took place in many national newspapers and magazines and participated in television news as a guest. He gave seminars to the public and in schools and universities in several cities of Turkey. He founded the Deniz Egece Neuroscience Institute. He gave training to more than twenty thousand overweight clients in boarding camps in Istanbul Polenezköy for six years. By educating trainers consisting of people working in the health sector, he continues to give “Online permanent weight loss training” worldwide. He invented and developed “Wieght loss while asleep”,  “Auditory Subliminal Coding Device” and “Visual Conscience Coding Device”. He is the author of the books “Last Word in Weight Loss”, “Weight Loss Through Education”, “Weight Loss with Conscience”, “Change” and “Thought Break”. He has two children named Ege Ata and Ece Selina, he knows German and English.

His works and books have been published in Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian, English, Dutch, Czech, German and French.


TARGET /  “DENİZEGECE”, a world brand…


The desired-leveled change of the psychosomatic diseases and body deformities produced on the body by the destructive and inaccurate information in the conscience of the person by educations in the conscience level.


Educational books, internet education applications, change education devices, online trainings, school, hotel and seminar training.


A person’s life results and body shape are the results of his/her knowledge in his/her consciousness. The constructive benefit which is absolute universal and according to the expectations of the person is fundamental in the base of our products and services. We offer training support in order for the individual to re-structure the desired results in his/her body and life by his/her own.


To contribute to the change of our world, and the change of the consciousness level of humanity in a positive direction, by providing universal benefit to human and humanity with our products and services.


To open schools and train trainers, at the university level with the training on consciousness change. With change hotels, psychosomatic diseases treatment training and centers. Evolvement and becoming popular of self-treatment training with educational materials.


ANTALYA / Republic of Turkey, TRNC

FRANKFURT / Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Suriname.

GENEVA / Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, Monoca, Luxembourg, Monaco, Morocco, Senegal.

LONDON / England, Ireland, Czech Republic

BAKU / Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Georgia, Moldova.

NEW YORK / USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.